About Us


Made for Melons is on a mission to find the latest styles in lingerie and sleepwear at an affordable price. We do all the searching for you, we know you’re busy.

Bra sets, bodysuits, baby dolls, panties, corsets…we are on the lookout for the latest styles and colors this season. We believe that high quality lingerie should be offered to everyone, without a paywall or a subscription. You are all VIPs to us.”


We scour the world for the latest and greatest when it comes to lingerie and sleepwear. We work with some of your favorite brands and manufacturers to get the best deals possible. 


We buy small quantities compared to your big box retailers. We don’t hoard or order things we cannot sell. This ensures we never keep styles that have been collecting dust in a warehouse somewhere. This keeps waste to a minimum and allows us to sell things at an affordable price.